SF2H international session 2018

From 6 to 8 June 2018, the French Society for Hospital Hygiène (SF2H) has held its 29th annual conference. The congress started with the international session organized, as every year, in partnership with EUNETIPS represented by Birgitta Lytsy who chaired the session. The selected theme was: “And what about getting rid of catheter-associated urinary tract infections?”


Sarah Krein (Michigan, USA), displayed her vision of the strategies to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infection based on the researches she has performed in this field. This material is available in a very interesting book she has written recently with Sanjay Saint and called “Preventing hospital infections” including strategies and human factors. A very accurate French translation of the book has also been made by Sara Romano Bertrand from Montpellier.


Debra Adams (Birmingham, UK) spoke about “HOUDINI: make that urinary catheter disappear – nurse- ed protocol”. HOUDINI is an acronym of all catheter indications starting from Hematuria to Immobilization and this protocol implementation has led to significant decrease in urinary catheter use. Debra Adams also showed an amazing video demonstrating how far a Foley catheter could damage a bladder while in use.


Birgitta Lytsy, (Uppsala, Sweden), was not only the chair but also a speaker with a lecture untitled “Closing the gap between best practice and actual practice to reduce CAUTI”. The use of a five part bundle led to up to 61 % reduction of catheter-days in one year. Impressive!


Jay N Nathwani, Madison (USA), is a young urologic and digestive surgeon who has made tremendous researches in the field of simulation training. He showed us that medical decision making is not always based on guidelines and that furthermore after a first mistake the following decisions are often of no rational at all. To be discovered!


Sara Romano - Bertrand, Montpellier (France), was the last speaker talking about « CAUTI: the valuable concept of healthcare”. Starting with the end of sterile urine paradigm and going to the pathogens team effort to create an infection. It was the opportunity to discover the urinary pathobiome and the human resistome. #NewWorld


A large discussion period ended this fine session and rendezvous was taken for 2019 in Strasbourg with the thirtieth congress of the SF2H.


The slides of the session are available on the SF2H website.