SF2H international session 2018

From 6 to 8 June 2018, the French Society for Hospital Hygiène (SF2H) has held its 29th annual conference. The congress started with the international session organized, as every year, in partnership with EUNETIPS represented by...[more]


All presentations of the EUNETIPS symposium are available on our website

All presentations of the EUNETIPS symposium "IPC competencies in infection control in Europe"  at the XVIII IFIC congress in Krakow are available on our website :  experiences from Croatia, France,...[more]


EUNETIPS together with SITI (GISIO) will participate at the 11th International Congress on Aerobiology

EUNETIPS together with  SITI (GISIO) will participate  at the  11th International Congress on Aerobiology, (Parma, 3  - 7 September) in the session â€œAirborne biocontamination in cleanrooms: control...[more]


EUNETIPS at the SIMPIOS congress

EUNETIPS at the Italian Multidisciplinary Society for the Prevention of Infections in Healthcare Organizations (SIMPIOS) National Congress - Bergamo You can find the presentation here: EUNETIPS role and proposals for the...[more]


EUNETIPS at the IFIC congress

EUNETIPS at the Eighteenth Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) You can find the presentations here:  Knowing how to act in a situation: the French approach of ICP core competencies -...[more]

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