EUNETIPS together with SITI (GISIO) will participate at the 11th International Congress on Aerobiology

EUNETIPS together with  SITI (GISIO) will participate  at the  11th International Congress on Aerobiology, (Parma, 3  - 7 September) in the session â€œAirborne biocontamination in cleanrooms: control...[more]


EUNETIPS at the SIMPIOS congress

EUNETIPS at the Italian Multidisciplinary Society for the Prevention of Infections in Healthcare Organizations (SIMPIOS) National Congress - Bergamo You can find the presentation here: EUNETIPS role and proposals for the...[more]


EUNETIPS at the IFIC congress

EUNETIPS at the Eighteenth Congress of the International Federation of Infection Control (IFIC) You can find the presentations here:  Knowing how to act in a situation: the French approach of ICP core competencies -...[more]


8th SIMPIOS National Congress - Bergamo, 21-23 May 2018 EUNETIPS session: 21 May, 17.45-18.30Download full programme [more]

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