WHO and GIPC released new documents and materials

WHO released new documents and materials to promote Infection control and Antimicrobial awareness which can be helpful to support our actions:


GIPC Network page on the WHO web pages We are very pleased that this will allow your supporting organizations to be recognised by WHO


 new features including a Focus on AMR. On this page new posters are hosted and soon on the "Evidence - Focus on AMR" page the new CRE guidelines will be hosted


The Lancet GH commentary can now be found hereplease share it widely, this is just the start of our collaborative working in making IPC priorities and programmes a reality 

- WHO EURO now has a top story on IPC and AMR, posted at The story mentions and links the Lancet GH article on IPC. They have also posted a country story on Turkey that mentions IPC and hand hygiene  as a way to control AMR spread – see


- European Antibiotic Awareness Day will take place as normal on 18 Nov and their # is #keepantibioticsworking Other regions are working hard to raise awareness too and CDC are also supporting efforts  And colleagues in the Americas are publishing an article in ICHE - Antibiotic Awareness Week and Hospital Antimicrobial Use Point Prevalence Study


- A Global declaration on appropriate use of antimicrobial agents across the surgical pathway has been published and colleagues in this surgical alliance asked us to share this with you http://online.liebertp